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The Heart Hungers for Wildness

The Heart Hungers for Wildness, Diane’s new book of poetry, recounts through verse a life well lived. Combining a writer’s appreciation for detail and a spiritual director’s ability to probe for depth, she brings new appreciation for experiences as diverse as ministering to people through soup-making to traversing Native American lands, as distinct as discovering the joys of grand mothering to sinking her feet into the soil of her native Iowa.


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This Need to Dance: A Life of Rhythm and Resilience

In this bold and lively memoir, Diane shares her experience of living with spina bifida and the burden secrecy has imposed on her and others. Her healing journey goes well beyond Western medicine as she travels to Montana to study with Qigong masters and to a California spa to explore the power of dreams.

In the face of life challenges, her soul dances with the resilient energy of a woman who listens to her inner music and has found her unique rhythm. This is not a book about illness, but rather about the healing power of finding the grace in everyday challenges and reaching beyond yourself to find the energy, peace and joy in a life well lived.


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The Iowan

Diane's research and writing about Iowa women Ragtime composers grew out of her own experience studying and playing Ragtime. Her article on the topic was published in The Iowan.


Read a Sample of Diane's Poetry

Soup Saves the World

By Diane Glass in The Heart Hungers for Wildness

I have magic powers: my chicken soup

cures colds, the flu, brings down fevers,

launches sick children out of bed.


Problems with digestion? Try my bean soup.

Swim with carrots and kale to improve your gut,

brighten your skin, firm up your bones.


Mourn your lost love? Shed genuine tears

while chopping onions for Ribollita.


Feeling weak? Hustle a jicama, subdue squash,

smash a garlic head to release your inner aria.


Savor the curves of a red bell pepper,

the heady aromas of basil and thyme.

Listen to sultry jazz to flaunt your culinary skills.


Bring together fast food refugees

for bowls of your brew. Care for Mother Earth:

use just enough meat to make a good broth.


Learn from the world’s cooks how cumin’s

smokiness saturates India, paprika’s sweet pepper

grounds Hungarian goulash, ginger root’s kick warms

up China, lemons mimic the Mediterranean sun

to light up Turkish taste buds.


Prepare your favorite bisque, gumbo or chowder,

invite over friends, uncork a bottle of wine.

Open the door to a world transformed.

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