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About Diane

Diane Glass shares her stories—through poetry, through memoir, through teaching. She also listens with compassion to the stories of others, helping them see the threads of wisdom, meaning, joy and loss that define a life. Whether she is rejoicing in the natural beauty of a prairie or dancing the rumba, Diane infuses that same energy and imagination into her writing, speaking to universal themes of longing, love, and discovery.


In The Heart Hungers for Wildness, Diane’s new book of poetry, she brings new appreciation for experiences as diverse as ministering to people through soup-making to traversing Native American lands, as distinct as discovering the joys of grand mothering to sinking her feet into the soil of her native Iowa.


Diane Glass’s diverse career spans teaching, politics, corporate marketing, radio talk show hosting, spiritual direction, writing and teaching. She served as Vice President of Marketing for the Des Moines Register from 1983 to 2000. In 2003, she co-founded Tending Your Inner Garden®, a program that has helped hundreds of women find new life purpose and meaning.


She now devotes her time to writing poetry, community volunteering, and teaching storytelling and spiritual growth. Diane has published essays in “The Iowan,” in the Des Moines Register and in four books of women’s writings themed to the seasons, books she co-edited as part of the Tending Your Inner Garden series of publications. Her memoir, This Need to Dance, recounts lessons learned through a lifetime of health challenges, including her birth with spina bifida.

In 2022, Diane and her friend Pat Boddy led a talented group of volunteers in founding Poetry &, a nonprofit organization devoted to advancing awareness and appreciation for poetry and poets through educational events that celebrate the written and spoken word. This group sponsored its first major community-wide in 2023, Poetry Palooza!


Diane and her husband Jeff live in Des Moines with their cat Penny. They travel frequently to Minnesota to visit their son and daughter-in-law and two adorable grandchildren.

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