Looking for someone to listen with care?

As a spiritual director or companion, I provide a safe place for you to bring your concerns about daily life. In listening with care and compassion, I seek to help you notice the presence of the sacred in your life and to call upon it for strength, clarity and love. Some refer to this presence as “God,” while others prefer words like “Creator,” or “Divine Mother or Father,” or the energy and aliveness that connect all living beings. Spiritual direction is not really about being “directed,” but rather about listening deeply to your own divine-inspired wisdom.

People come to spiritual direction for guidance in discerning their vocation, addressing illness or other life challenges, integrating spirituality into their daily lives, or growing closer to God. It’s common for individuals to meet once a month for an hour with their director.


I would be happy to talk or meet with you. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

E-mail or call me at 515-243-0238 to learn more.